Siby and Sharon Wedding - Giacomo Morelli Photographer

The last Saturday i had the pleasure to shot with the Zyrah film for Siby and Sharon wedding, was an incredible day, from the preparation in the morning, where i had the pleasure to met the family, who opened really fast to me, allowing me to take photos without problems.

They two nephew, were a bit shy, but after they get their personal "nickname" for me (the bald photographer) they became really friendly with no hesitation for pictures!

We headed to the church, everyone full of emotions, the place was beatiful, with a really good light, everyone was waiting for the groom and bride, mostly the priest (we were a bit late!).

In the meantime we took some pictures outside and inside the church, and as soon they arrived the ceremony started.

After the ceremony, and some group photos, we were a bit in a rush with a short time to take pictures of the beatiful couple.

And the we move to the reception, with everyone really happy and relaxed, i met everyone!

A really good, and spicy, dinner was served and after that, cake and dancing!

I was really glad to be there, i felt like part of the family and i hope everyone felt the same.

I leave you with some of the other pictures, and congratulations again to Siby and Sharon!

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