Elle Debut 18th birthday party

Last weekend i had my first experience with a Filipinos Debut, a 18th birthday party really outstanding from a normal one, i really needed a big explaination step by step of what was happening to not miss important pictures!

I had again the pleasure to work with Zyrah Film, the guys are really amazing.

First i started take some pictures of the places and some details of the venue, and her dress.

Then Elle started to try for the dance she had to do later, for the real event, the light was a bit challenging, was mostly red and changing all the time, but i think i managed pretty well.

Then we started to take photo and video of her preparation, the room was really small with a big mirror, then the moving space was really thin to not get myself into the photo, i really loved the portraits!

Then we started with the events, taking pictures of guests, dance, all the show!

The show was something spectacular, i never seen something like that, i really didn't expect it, Elle danced with 18 guys who brought her a rose, and the 18 girls light a candle on her cake and made a small warm speech.

After the show, oh gosh that was unbelievable, really i was taking pictures and at the same time i was so impressed, during the preparation Elle told me she was doing dance but i never expected something like that!

Anyways after the show i started to take some group and family pictures!

Was really an incredible day that i'll remember forever! i enjoyed so much, i met a lot people, i made friends there.

At the end of the day everyone was feeling confortable taking photos as if they were asking to a friend!

And i leave you with the last group/family pictures!

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